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Event Calendar


EVENTSMarch 1st to April 3rd

Doll tour in Machiya in the castle town, Murakami

EVENTSApril 3rd

Osudo Noh Regularly scheduled Noh performance

SPORTSThe first Sunday in April

Sasagawanagare Marathon

FESTIVALApril 29th

Senami Onsen Konkon Festival

At the end of April to early May

Cherry blossom season

EVENTS May 1st to 31st

Touring 100 famous views in the castle town, Murakami

EVENTS Early May

Open garden in spring at Fusaiji


Omakuba Tea Ceremony


Mid-June to late August

Natural iwagaki oysters are in season.


Murakami Taisai

FESTIVALEarly July to Late August

Kaguramai and Shishiodori

FESTIVALThe first Friday and Saturday in August

Murakami City Fireworks Festival at the clear stream Arakawa River

FESTIVALAugust 6th

Iwafune Tanabata Festival

EVENTS August 15th

Osudo Noh, Takigi Noh

FESTIVAL August 16th and 17th

Murakami Tanabata Festival

Mid-June to Mid-August

Sea bathing


FESTIVALSeptember 4th

Senami Taisai

EVENTSSeptember 15th to October 15th

Byobu Festival in the castle town, Murakami

SPORTS Mid-September

Murakami Sasagawanagare International Triathlon

EVENTS The second Saturday and Sunday in October

Bamboo Lantern Night Festival

Mid-October to the end of November

Salmon fishing season

EVENTS Mid-October

Machiya Stroll in Shioya

FESTIVAL October 19th

Iwafune Taisai

Mid-November to early December

Shiobiki-zake(Shiobiki-salmon) making experience


Early to late December

Echigo Murakami Sake Shiobiki Street

Mid-December to late February

Snow season

SPORTSJanuary 1st

New Year's Marathon


Snowman is here

Full-year events

Month of the day that has 2 or 7 (2nd, 7th, 12th, 17th, 22nd, 27th)

Rokusaiichi Market

※Rokusaiichi on January 2nd changed to December 30the of the previous year due to New Year's holiday.

※Rokusaiichi on July 7th is changed to July 5th due to Murakami Taisai

The 4th Sunday from April to October

Antique market in Jurinji Enmado

23rd and 24th of every month

Blessing by the priest at Jurinji temple

27th and 28th of every month

Blessing by the priest at Houonji temple