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About this site

Welcome to "sake3.com", Murakami sightseeing information transmission base.
This site is to provide tourist information for people who are thinking about visiting Murakami, people who wants to visit Murakami, and people who ran into this site.

Sake3.com is originated from the tourism catch phrase of Murakami city, "sake (salmon), sake (nihonshu), and nasake (humanity)".

  1. 1.
    Rivers such as Miomote, Arakawa, and Okawa have salmon runs. Salmon fishing is done on the coast and we are proud of the traditional fishing method and various food culture.
  2. 2.
    We are proud of great sake "Shimeharitsuru" and "Taiyozakari" from 2 breweries.
  3. 3.
    We are filled with humanity and welcome our guests with hospitality.

We named this site after these three "sake". Please enjoy "sake3.com".

This site is the Murakami sightseeing information transmission base so the local team member will write and update the information. We will not only write about tourist information, but also what we saw and how we felt through our experience as well as live information.

Please read the "privacy policy" and "usage rule" below and enjoy our site.

The leader of Murakami sightseeing information transmission base "sake3.com"

Privacy Policy

Murakami tourism association website (hereinafter referred as "this site") will protect the private information of the users, manage the private information that individuals can be identified such as name, address, phone number, and email address, and follow the regulations in Japan related to the private information of the users.

Collection of private information

Normally, you do not need to provide private information for this site and you can use it anonymously. However, when using "Inquiry" or "Photo gallery" as well as survey, present, contest, or registration for an event, we may ask you to enter your name, contact information, or email address.

Usage of Private Information

The private information gathered here is not used for any other purposes than "inquiry" and others. However, if there is a case where they are used outside of the usage purpose, we will verify the matter to the concerned person. Also, if the private information is subcontracted to a third party, the third party will sign a contract to protect the private information and manage and supervise he information accordingly.

Discloser of private information to the third party

Private information of the users will not be disclosed to a third party unless any of the following items apply.
1.When the user agree to it.
2.When the information is disclosed in a way that individuals cannot be identified.
3.If this website cannot respond to the inquiry and it is more appropriate for other to respond to it.
4.If it was requested via lawful procedure.

Usage Rule

Change of the rule

This site can change the usage rule without the approval of the users and the new rule will apply to all usage condition. The new rule is effective from the time it is updated to this website. The operator of this website is no responsible for any loss or damage caused to the users due to the change.

Discontinuation and termination of service

(1) If one of the following item applies to this website, we may discontinue or terminate some of all of the service provided to the user without any notification.
1.When maintenance for the device and system or renewal is done periodically or in emergency.
2.When it is difficult to provide the service due to incident beyond control such as fire, power outage, and natural disaster.
3.When service from class'1' telecommunications operator is not provided.
4.When it is difficult to provide the service for other reason including in operational or technical reasons.
(2) The operator of this website is no responsible for any loss or damage caused to a third party or users due to the termination or discontinuation.


The files posted on this site such as texts and images and the use of the content of these files belong to the operatorof this site (copyright of some images belong to the writer of the file). Also, company names and product names posted on this site is generally a name or trademark for those company. It is prohibited to use, copy, transfer, sale, change, or print and distribute these text and images without the permission of this website unless it is approved otherwise by the copyright law.


The third party website linked to this website (hereinafter referred as "link site") is to improve the convenience of the users. Therefore, it is managed by the responsibility of each website and it is not under the management of this website. Please use the link site according to the condition posted by these sites. The operator of this site will not be responsible for the content of the link site and any damage caused by the users to a third party by using those link sites.

Link to this site

No contact is necessary to link the website to the top page of this website regardless of the characteristics of the website, for profit, not for profit, company, or individual. However, link to this website after checking the "precaution" and "prohibition".


The contents and URL for this site may change of terminate without any notification. If they are changed the newest content is effective. We will not be responsible for any damaged caused by linking to this website.


If any of the following apply to the website, we refuse the link to this website. If deletion of the link is requested, it must be followed.
1.The website infringes copyright, trademark, or intellectual property or there is a possibility of it.
2.The website infringes asset of others, privacy or portrait rights or there is a possibility of it.
3.The website collect private information of other without their consent, or send emails that are unpleasant, or there is a possibility of doing any of the above.
4.The website slander, discriminate or show defamation of character, or there is a possibility of doing any of the above.
5.The website claim to be someone else, people or organization that does not exist, or pretend to be in cooperation with other organization, or pretend to be someone else and provide information.
6.Website that may lead to crime such as fraud or there is a possibility of it.
7.Website that promote opening pyramid scheme business or promote the business itself.
8.Website that is for election campaigned or other campaigned as well as website that is against public office election law.
9.Website that is against other regulation or public policy, or there is a possibility of it.
10.Website who are evaluated as inappropriate by the operator of this website.

Site Operator

Murakami city tourist information strategy committee (Murakami city Tourism Division, Murakami city tourism association, Murakami chamber of commerce, IYOBOYA NO SATO KAIHATSU KOSHA, PUBLIC INTEREST INC. FOUNDATION).

Site operation office

Murakami city tourism association
11-8 Tabatamachi Murakami-shi, Niigata 958-0854


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