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Murakami has a long history, so we have many festivals throughout the year.
Among those, Murakami Taisai, Senami Taisai, and Iwafune Taisai are called "Three major Festivals in Murakaimi" and the scenery of beautiful floats (nickname: Oshagiri) touring around the town is very exotic.

Murakami Taisai (July 6th and 7th)

It is a festival of Senami-harugo shrine, and has over 380 years of history.
The best part is the 19 floats (nickname: Oshagiri) touring around the town.

Senami Taisai (September 3rd and 4th)

It is a festival of Senami Shrine.
5 floats tour around the city and the song that is sang during the festival is very impressive.

Iwafune Taisai (October 18th and 19th)

It is a festival of Iwafune Shrine. 9 floats tour around the town.
It is cool and dynamic festival suitable for a port town.

Float from Murakami Taisai is displayed throughout the year.

At Oshagiri Kaikan (Murakami History Museum), you can see the float used in Murakami Taisai all the time.
On the second floor, swords and armors are displayed.

Oshagiri Kaikan (Murakami History Museum)

add: 7-9 Sannocho Murakami-shi  >> map

There are many other festivals

(April 3rd)

Kaguramai, Shishiodori
(Early July to late August)

Murakami City Fireworks Festival at the clear stream Arakawa River
(The first Friday and Saturday in August)

Iwafune Tanabata Festival
(August 6th)

Murakami Tanabata Festival
(August 16th and 17th)

Shioya Taisai
(September 20th)