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Onsen and Ashiyu (Hot Spring and Foot Baths)

Senami Onsen is one of the hot spring resorts representing Niigata prefecture.
There are hotels and souvenir shops along the shore and hot spring district is very exotic.
Taking a bath in a large tab while looking at the sun setting in the sea is great.
Spend a special night with delicious food using seasonal ingredients and local sake.

Characteristics of Senami Onsen

Senami Onsen has been open for over 100 years. The water spring at about 95℃.
From the fountainhead stall in Funto Park located on the top of the hill, the steam continue to raise and it is a significant scenery of Senami Onsen.
You can buy eggs at the hotels and souvenir shops and make soft boiled eggs in the hot spring.

Free Ashiyu (Footbaths)

Senami Onsen has many Ashiyu (footbaths) all over the place for free.
Ashiyu is great for healing your tired legs and feet. Please enjoy.

Senami Onsen Pocket Park (Nickname: Konkon-chan Ashiyu)

add: 2 Senami Onsen Murakami-shi  >> map

Akiko no Ashiyu

add: 2-9-36 Senami Onsen Murakami-shi (Yubae no Yado Shiomiso)  >> map

Ashiyu "Nihonkai"

add: 2 Senami Onsen Murakami-shi (Taikanso Senami no Yu)  >> map

Places to see in Senami Onsen

Senami Onsen Beach

Iyahiko Shrine

Iwafune Port Fish Center

Senami Tropical Fruits Park