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Food Culture

Other food

Murakami's food culture has been accumulated over a long period of time.
There are a variety of local dishes loved by people of Murakami, some of which are quite unique.


It is round and fluffy, and is also called manju-fu. Miso soup with fu and fu boiled and seasoned with soy sauce are very popular.

Pickled red turnip

Red turnips are grown in a burnt field. Each household makes its own pickled red turnip and eats during winter season.


Taro potato, carrots, bamboo shoots, chicken are chopped up and stewed in a pot called Daikai-nabe. It is eaten on celebratory occasions such as New Year's Day.


Glutinous rice soaked in lye water is wrapped by three bamboo leaves and then boiled in lye water. Kinako(sweet soybean flour) is sprinkled before eating.

Salt and seaweed salt

The natural salt called "sasagawanagare-no-shio" is made from boiled down sea water. Seaweed salt, boiled down with seaweed, is great with tempura and sashimi.

Asahi pork

Asahi pork is a branded pork, properly fatty and having no order. Sausages and bacon are selling well, too.


It is a jelly-like sweet made from juice of wild grapes. It smells refreshing.

Miso and soy sauce

Each factory makes miso and soy sauce with their method that they have developed over the time. Seasoning processed from miso and soy sauce and food pickled in miso are popular too.