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Food Culture


Niigata prefecture is very famous for its rice and the rice of Murakami (Iwafune-mai) is well-known for its superior quality.
There are 2 sake brewery in Murakami that make very popular sake.

Miyao Brewery

It was founded in 1819. "Shimeharitsuru" brewed here is loved not only in Japan but also in the world.

add: 5-15 Kamikatamachi Murakami-shi  >> map

Taiyo Brewery

Taiyo Brewery was founded in 1945 as a group of 14 breweries.
The name "Taiyo Brewery "has been used since 1950.

add: 1-4-31 Iino Murakami-shi  >> map

You can try some sake here.
You can try various kinds of sake brewed here at "Nagomigura" in the brewery. Some of them are available only here.
How about some for you and for your friends?

How about some sake of Murakami as a souvenir?

When you buy some sake at a shop, the shop clerk may wrap it in furoshiki, "wrapping cloth" for you.