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Food Culture


Murakami-cha has about 400 years of history and Murakami city is called "the most northern tea growing district".
In Meiji period, their tea was exported to major cities abroad such as New York and Vladivostok.
It is great as a souvenir of Murakami.

Murakami-cha events

Every year in May, when young leaves are out, you can experience "tea-leaves picking", and from fall through winter, you can take part in "learning about Murakami-cha class".
How about it ?

Tea leaves picking

After picking tea leaves, you can have a drink of Murakami-cha and eat some dishes using tea leaves. You can also learn how to make good tea.

Learning about Murakami-cha class

You can learn about the history and culture of Murakami-cha, and how to make good tea (served with Japanese sweet).

There are many kinds of Murakami-cha

Red tea from Murakami-cha

Murakami-cha Ice cream

Sweets using Murakami-cha

Chocolates using Murakami-cha