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Explore around the castle town

Gagyusan is the symbol of Murakami-shi (Nickname: Oshiroyama).
Relics from Murakami castle still remains and you can see the city, Miomote river, and the sea of Japan from the top of the mountain.
On the foothills of Oshiroyama, the castle town spreads and you can tour around old samurai residences and town houses.

Ruins of Murakami Castle

Murakami Castle was built on Gagyusan with the height of 135 meters. The relics such as stone walls and ascending trench, are still there.
You can climb up there in 20 minutes so you can visit there with your normal clothes.

Samurai residences

Houses of samurais who served the Murakami domain is still preserved and you can feel how they lived back in the days.

Important Cultural Property: The Wakabayashi Residence

add: 7-13 Sannocho Murakami-shi  >> map

Samurai residences in Maizuru Park (House of old Takaoka family, Iwama family, and Fujii family)

add: Shonaimachi Murakami-shi  >> map

House of old Narita family

add: 3-23 Shinmachi Murakami-shi  >> map

Town Houses

District called Old Choninmachi has many town houses with small entrance and deep structure.
They are currently used as residents and shops. "Machiya Meguri" where people can tour around the town houses and events where they show dolls, gardens, and folding screen in the town houses are popular.

Kurobeidori (Black fence street)

You can feel the exotic atmosphere and history in this street with black fences.
There are temples designated as important cultural property around there.
So please walk around and visit them.

add: Komachi Murakami-shi  >> map

Doll Tour in Machiya (March 1st to April 3rd)

About 4000 "Ningyosama (Dolls)" that were held dear to each family are open to public for free.

Spring Garden, Touring 100 famous views (May 1st to May 31st)

Town houses, temples, gardens, bonsais, and wild grasses and flowers at private homes in castle town area are open to public for free.

Byobu (folding screen) Festival in Machiya (September 15th, to October 10th)

Each family will display their folding screen and everyday articles for free. There are some town houses that have Murakami Kibori Tsuishu on display.

Bamboo Lantern Night Festival (Second Saturday and Sunday in October)

They light about 10,000 lantern and have free concert on the street, temples and town houses.

Doll Tour in Machiya

Spring Garden, Touring 100 famous views

Byobu (folding screen) Festival in Machiya

Bamboo Lantern Night Festival

Tour guides will tour you around the town houses.

Murakami city tour guide association will tour around the attractive areas of the castle town, Murakami, such as Machiya and Kurobeidori.

Reservation/ Reservation must be made one week prior to the desired date.
Fee/ ¥2,000 for 2 hours (¥1,000 per additional hour)
Number/ Around 20 people per guide
Reservation and Inquiry/ Tel: 0254-75-5953 (Murakami City Tourism Association)